We use homeopathic medicines which are safe and natural.

BODYInc Slimming tabs

This is a homeopathic medicine which assists in speeding up the metabolism by supporting the thyroid gland. It acts on the glandular and lymphatic systems to improve drainage.

BODYInc Slimming Drops

This is a homeopathic medicine which assist in the slimming process. It has wide ranging action on the glandular and circular systems. It helps restore the correct fluid distribution in the body. The slimming drops also help to improve the metabolic function, assist in prevention and treatment of cellulite

BODYInc Slimming Injections

This homeopathic injection assists the slimming process in 3 different ways.

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

BODYInc Slimming Vitamins

This multivitamin contains vitamins and minerals that your body needs while on diet.


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